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Nolen's Adventures


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Nolen The Bear Finds A Home

Nolen the Bear's first adventure finds him leaving the woods in search of a home with lots of books.


Available Now

Nolen The Bear Falls Asleep

Nolen the Bear is getting grumpy and tired as the leaves start to fall. His new library friends find out why!


Coming Soon

Nolen The Bear Wakes Up

Nolen the Bear is still sleeping from his long winter's nap. His library friends try to figure out how to wake him up.

Nolen's Story

One day Ms. Karen the children's librarian opened the door to the library and discovered a little bear. This was a most unusual little bear. He had found a book and was looking for its home. The little bear loved to read so Ms. Karen invited him to make his home at the Nolensville Public Library. She named him Nolen, and he spent many happy years reading books and making new friends with her as she read story books to the children in Nolensville.

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