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Nolen The Bear Books

Nolen The Bear Finds A Home and Nolen The Bear Falls Asleep can be purchased at the Nolensville Toy Shop located at 9895 Old Clovercroft Road in Nolensville.


If you live in Nolensville, you can also email Jessica Tucker at for a Venmo link and free delivery.

Alternatively, if you are not local and would like to purchase a book, you can do so using the links below.


Nolen The Bear Finds A Home

Nolen the Bear's first adventure finds him leaving the woods in search of a home with lots of books.


Nolen The Bear Falls Asleep

Nolen the Bear is getting grumpy and tired as the leaves start to fall. His new library friends find out why!


Nolen The Bear Wakes Up

Nolen the Bear is still sleeping from his long winter's nap. His library friends try to figure out how to wake him up.

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